Well, this is about my life. I am not sure why I am writing it and to tell you that I am not drunk while I am writing it. I saw a feed in which she liked a page “I am addicted to my best friend” and then another “and he left me!!” But I never left her, she took me for granted. We used to talk for hours day and night when she was single and when she got in her so called time pass relationship, she got lame excuses to avoid her very best friend. But I never complained, I was with her every time of her need and when I needed her either she was busy with her bf or hanging out with her friends  or doing some other random shit she was involved in. She cut the talks. Then things got changed. I diverted my mind to studies to distract it from her but never got hundred per cent successful. I would think of her, message her and other stuffs and she would just say things that hurt me. “I have a bf now!” what is this supposed to mean.  Am I supposed to be with you only when you don’t have a bf!!! It feels like as if she is the duchess of some place. Our last conversation, in which she told me everybody she met are liars and betrayer but I can tell and know for myself that I was always with her in every time and I love her but I don’t want any more relationship with her  , she hurts me every time we go close . I miss her but I don’t want any more conversation with her. Looks like “Best friend” is second name for a person who does random shit of a bf at her time of single relationship. ”Hey, she told me that I am her best friend” , “No dude, she told you she will talk to you until she finds a bf and don’t mistake her lovely words to you as her love for you”.